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Best Designs for Lawn Mowing

For your grass to stay healthy and green, mowing is an essential part of your monthly lawn management routine. Try making lawn mowing enjoyable by coming up with designs instead of just mowing the lawn as usual. Here are eight excellent lawn mowing patterns to attempt this season or that can be done by professional lawn mowing experts, whether you’re competing with your neighbor or just want to try something new.

Crisscross Pattern

A traditional crisscross pattern will give you the impression that you are in a baseball stadium. Blades of grass bent toward you appear dark, while those bent away from you appear lighter. This effect is caused by light reflecting off the grass blades. Professionals roll the grass blades in the same direction they were mowed to emphasize the pattern by rolling the blades over with a weighted lawn roller.


Start at the edge of your lawn and make the pattern go in one direction to create a zigzag pattern. Turn 180 degrees, and then resume the pattern from the beginning. It will be easier to see the pattern because of the light’s reflection.


It appears as though a pebble was dropped in a pond of grass, and the ripples have spread outward! Start at one end, create a significant bend, then turn 180 degrees and return to the opposite side by following the path. Eliminate these ten lawn care myths from your mind.

Concentric Circles

Circles are a simple and effective way to mow a lawn because they reduce the number of 180-degree rotations you make when mowing in lines. You can either mow a circle around a tree and continue making wider circles until you run out of the lawn or start at the edge and move in circles until you reach the center of your lawn.

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