Do You Want Healthy Lawns?

Most residential yards contain grass that is maintained through proper mowing and proper maintenance. Although lawn care is often done by professional landscapers, homeowners can also do their share through simple residential lawn maintenance tasks. By making the effort to perform these lawn care tasks on a regular basis, you can help ensure that your residential lawn looks its best as often as possible. Here are some care tips to improve the condition and appearance of your lawn:

Mow Your Lawn

In the summer, mow your lawn at least once every week; in the spring, the fall, and the warm winter months, mow it every two weeks. Regular cutting promotes the roots’ ability to expand, which will aid in filling up gaps and keeping weeds out. Raising the cutting height of your mower in the summer will help prevent the browning of the grass in dry weather by leaving the lawn on the ground for 5 to 10 cm long. Keep the blades on your mower sharp and in good condition.

Water Your Lawn

New lawns should always be watered, but don’t overwater them since this can lead to shallow root growth and poor establishment. Sprinklers are ideal for maintaining lawn moisture, but they consume a lot of mains water and are not allowed when hose pipes are not allowed. If an established grass turns brown, don’t be alarmed; it’s still alive. When the rains arrive, it will merely turn green once more.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You must fertilize your grass frequently if you want it to appear good. Invest in a wheeled lawn feeder for a quick and precise job if you have a vast lawn. When rain is expected, fertilize the grass to ensure that it reaches the roots and prevent the burning of the leaf blades. Organic fertilizers are preferable to chemical fertilizers for long-term lawn health. Using a hose or watering can water the fertilizer in if it doesn’t rain. Within a week, your lawn should appear greener. In the spring and mid-summer, lawns often require feeding.

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